3 Ideas to Build your classes as a Group Fitness Instructor

“How do I build my classes?” is a common question I receive from past participants who came to a certification. I recently just moved to a new city and find …

3 Responses to 3 Ideas to Build your classes as a Group Fitness Instructor

  1. Tracy Nurzynski says:

    Thank you for these tips! I have watched a couple of your videos before and
    you give great advice! I was certified through ACE in May and landed a job
    at YMCA as a cycle instructor and teach Strength & Conditioning. Taught my
    first classes just this week! I love Cycle and have a strong passion for it
    so that class went well. Strength and Conditioning is a great class too and
    I had lots of fun, but just like cycle there is no script so I just do
    whatever I want for the hour. My first class I did stations and everyone
    loved it and they were definitely sweating at the end! Thanks for your

  2. Journey with the Gero's says:

    Hey Katy I can’t find the cueology CD anywhere online.. do you know where I
    can get it??

  3. LuzKarine says:

    I loved your ideas Katy. I am certified to teach Turbo Kick, got certified
    in March but I have not yet taught my first class. I really WANT to be a
    fitness instructor more than anything but I dont know where to start.
    Cueing looks a lot easier than it is. Learning the rounds….and learning
    what to say…It is overwhelming but I want it so So so bad. Do you have
    any advice?

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