Beach Body Diet

Beach Body Diet

It’s summer and you want a summer beach body that will turn heads with envy? Then you have come to the right place. I will outline a way for you to achieve burning your body fat and having more energy in the shortest time possible. Many people never plan out a fitness routine for themselves until summer is upon them and then at the last minute they try to construct a program or look for a program that will give them fast results.

There is hope for you if you are guilty of this (smile). Grab a pen and a piece of paper (or print this article) and I will lead you to the holy grail of fast fat loss and weight loss for those of you that consider yourselves lazy but want a knockout body.

Go buy some beef jerky that has 1 gram of fat or less per serving and carry enough around with you everyday so that when you start to get hungry, eat it. It is very convenient and many people underestimate the nutritional value of beef jerky which gives you a great source of quality protein and very little fat. Next you want to limit your carbohydrates to about 100 grams per day give or take 10 grams.

You will have to experiment but you don’t want to go any higher than that. Your source of carbs should be fibrous carbs because you can eat more of them and you will feel full longer. Fibrous carbs are green beans, celery, lettuce etc. Try to limit sugars or eliminate them altogether so that your blood sugar is stable. Do not panic about the sodium in beef jerky, just drink more water to flush out the excess.

You will see a very favorable change in your body within a couple of weeks guaranteed if follow exactly as outlined above. Now go get that summer beach body!

Baise Starr

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