Beginner women’s fitness program

Beginner women's fitness program

Personal Training for women.

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  1. Miguel Jorge says:

    I would not tell anyone to exercise without having eaten anything

  2. ehcallday says:

    This dude is creepy as hell

  3. Kinky Curlfriend says:

    Great video. Thx. 

  4. pinz2022 says:

    This is ludicrous. Ludicrous I say!
    There is NO difference in “men’s” and “women’s” resistance training. It
    should be the same routine for everyone. Exercise #2 is plain silly. Just
    do a proper row for Pete’s sake, with machine or bent-over with barbell.
    Exercise #7 is bizarre. Just use the leg press machine instead of this
    squat/cha-cha. Oy vey.

  5. Tringa A says:

    im confused! should I do cardio and only one exercise per day, or cardio
    and all the exercises on the same day?
    Also, you mentioned cardio and abbs day, and you didn’t talk about them:( !
    How should I preced?
    I would appreciate if you could answer,because I liked your plan very much.



  7. Summer Andretta says:

    she had so many cameltoes…

  8. SamaraElleRiviera says:

    omg thank you so much for this. i just got my gym membership and this
    really helped.

  9. Derek Larson says:

    Exercise without eating? Static stretch (inhibit muscle fibers) before
    working out? Stopped watching after 2 minutes.

  10. GFLUK says:

    Beginner women’s fitness program

  11. pyroboys1 VW says:


  12. lnfk says:

    What’s the point of the rotation? 

  13. Danielle Belgrave says:

    I’m confused. You said 5 stretches but she only did 2. You did exercise 1
    and skipped to exercise 3!!? 

  14. Michelle G says:

    First rule, you do NOT stretch cold muscles!!! You should warm up muscles
    like running, bike,Jumping jacks, something to warm up the body. But do NOT
    stretch muscles that are still cold.

  15. Sylvia Mccary says:

    Great video. Thank you

  16. sally al-ashary says:

    So 20 minutes of cardio warm up and one exercise per day?

  17. Jenna Giannoccaro says:

    Starting Gym 2moro!! Can’t w8t ….

  18. S Masse says:

    Do you do the cardio each day and then the one weight exercise each day

  19. Shawn Gonzalez says:

    *Old School New Body is a diet and fitness book specificaIIy for dieters
    oIder than 35 years oId. The book centers on “new” techniques to foster
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    into the program and noticed the information was readiIy avaiIabIe onIine.
    There is mention of proper diet and exercise. This information has been
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  20. Women's Health Community says:

    So great video

  21. mlke007 says:

    you got the breathing in and out wrong…. how embarassing

  22. Rosa Bullard says:

    Great tips. I’m thinking of starting back up my Gym membership. But don’t
    know exactly how to start or what to start with. Now after watching this
    video. I have a basic idea on what to do. Thanks.

    However I wished you picked a different music for the background. It
    sounded so weird and creepy. Other then that good tips.

  23. sunsetnwaves . says:

    Just what I needed… Thanks 

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