Circuit Training – Exercises Ideas

This is our Monday night circuit class, we change up the exercises all the time to keep things interesting and exciting for the body. Sometime we will will d…
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  1. AXFIT.COM says:

    Yes, be tough, talk loud be confident and if people are talking over you
    then call them out on it. Some are there and want to be in the zone and the
    chatter ruins it for them. No one talks when I do or really at all in my
    classes, I nip it if they do, tell them to go to the coffee shop down the
    road. haha. I am strict but sensitive and humours all at the same time.
    Check out this link : From my site, I
    think it will help u.

  2. eyesignful says:

    Great job, love the ideas you guys come up with for large groups! Great
    enthusiasm too!

  3. AXFIT.COM says:

    I also make the group do more when of whatever they are doing if someone is
    slacking and talking, I call them out and say like “JOhnny’s slacking and
    talking …everyones doing 10 more!!!” When you explain your stations you
    have to be quit at it and get drill and example across fast and
    efficiently. If you have any other questions please ask, I am here for ya!!

  4. AXFIT.COM says:

    these bands have an orange protective cover over them, so that if they snap
    there is no eyes popping out. lol just google it. You can buy online!

  5. Alan Challen says:

    Wow I love how creative your circuits are! I’m a trainer and I would love
    to use some of these in my classes! Thanks so much for the videos!

  6. retta6364 says:

    How long does it take you to explain these stations to all those people? I
    only have 15 in my class and I find they’re chatting the entire time I’m
    trying to explain the circuits! Any suggestions?

  7. Colin Cox says:

    what kind of resistance bands do you use? Great videos

  8. TheYoutubbyCommunity says:

    lol “Charlie” is always doing something wrong in these vids

  9. AXFIT.COM says:

    thanks so much!!!

  10. Leandro Giorgi says:

    very good! some exercises use them on my class in Uruguay! Thanks for
    contributing to improve the profession

  11. Brenda Smerchynski says:

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