Contemporary online class

KBM Talent online Contemporary class with Kelley Guise how to Warm up and Contemporary Choreography TAKE CLASS with AUTUMN MILLER FOLLOW SIMONE on youtube ( princesswarrior09 ) …
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  1. JuYoung ii says:

    I always wanted to dance 🙂 i love music and i always dreamed that i could
    dance like that and also other types of dances. I should get practices to
    fulfill my dream :))

  2. Typer Alicia says:

    whats the name of the guy’s song?

  3. ayeluvubro says:

    after watching thinking of taking ballet again…u guys r SOO
    FELXIBLE!!! how do u do the splits?! and im thinking of doing gymnastics..

  4. Karen Adeyemo says:

    Tnx guys this really helped me and Ali of you guys are amazing dancers 

  5. Carmen VeLo says:

    what is the final song?

  6. Ismaéle Gádia says:

    Vale muito a pena compartilhar…simplesmente adorei!

  7. helen melo says:

    alongamento perfeito

  8. Mulford Dance says:

    Contemporary music and combo

  9. Галина Гринкевич says:
  10. Denizy Barsante says:
  11. Formuli Helen says:
  12. Livie345 says:

    Genneya is really peppy!! Shes so cute!

  13. Fantagegirl says:

    We do all of those stretches in my dance classes which is jazz ballet hip
    hop acro broadway lyrical ect.

  14. msdirection017 says:

    Your next video is gonna be your 100th video!!!!!!! Make it count!!

  15. Phoebe Jones says:

    So this kind of dance is called contemporary?? It’s amazing!! ~ Phoebe xo

  16. allieissocoollikee says:

    This is great! Thank you guys so much for doing these!

  17. seashelleyes1 says:

    GORGEOUS combo! I really like it a lot. Maybe think about filming it in the
    mirror next time. I found it hard to pick up quickly when I was having to
    focus on reversing everything! Great class though! <3

  18. Haley P. says:

    This is amazing! I love it so much. 🙂 Wish there were more online class
    like this. 🙂

  19. xxG0mezR0cksxx says:

    Autumn do you take pointe classes? just curious

  20. Kendall Gay says:

    How come you didn’t introduce her brother? I saw him walk up.

  21. Ethan Gillespie says:

    your amazing

  22. Nadia Venice says:

    These videos are exactly what I’ve been looking for! They’re perfect!

  23. brownthomas2011 says:

    anyone know the name of the warm up song?

  24. Giulsss 59 says:

    Hi! can you upload a video in which to put the whole warming up and
    stretching? please! p.s Autie i love you! ♥

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