Crowded Classes Test the Zen of Yoga

Crowded Classes Test the Zen of Yoga
“I really believe our mats can be an inch apart,” says JJ Hendershot, the group fitness manager at my gym, Equinox in Palos Verdes, which offers yoga classes as part of its monthly membership. “We all shimmy and move as a community. … And Tommy Schey …
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To the woman in the back row of class
I know you picked today to try my strength training class because it was so crowded you figured I wouldn't see you, but I did. Actually, I've been watching you for the last week as you passed by the window, checking out what was going on in the group …
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Sweat, stretch and dance in fitness and phys-ed classes
Recreational services requires the submission of one form per class which includes your name, email address and the class you are signing up for. Registration is live and can be found online at It's never too late in the …
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