Fitness and Exercise Training Programs

Fitness and Exercise Training Programs

If you are considering your college degree options, you may be thinking about fitness and exercise training programs. You can go many directions in this field. If you want action you could work for a sports team or train athletes for competitions, or you could be holding down the fort in the gym or even with clients in their home as a personal trainer. Many people find these active jobs to be the most satisfying. If you are a hard worker who’s passionate about helping people get fit and be the best athletes they can be, this could be the career for you.

Many jobs in the fitness and exercise field require degrees and expertise, although there are numerous jobs you can get by working your way up as well. If you want a higher paying job you will want at least an associate’s degree to work in the administrative side of things, a bachelor’s degree if you want a good personal training job or a master’s degree if you really want to go far and have the opportunity to teach as well. Sometimes fitness and exercise courses are offered as part of other degree plans, as adjuncts to undergrad or grad programs, or as standalone degrees in increasing numbers.

You can go after many different jobs with a fitness and exercise degree or certificate. The basic job field includes the participation, management and/or oversight of or in various systems in the fitness field. Your training may be focused towards overall health, kinesiology, sports management, recreation or you may be getting a certificate pertaining to a specific sport or activity.

One trend that is new to fitness and exercise training programs is an increased focus on versatility. By training students on the business side of things and giving them a broad overview of the knowledge needed for a wide range of jobs, graduates have more options and preparedness for the responsibilities that lie ahead. There are numerous training options to consider in the fitness and exercise field. Local colleges or online schools can provide more information if you’re interested.

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