Fitness training tips for passing your PRMC – Potential Royal Marines Course

In this short video I explain why you need to take a holistic approach to fitness training in preparation for Royal Marines training. Apologies for the camer…
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14 Responses to Fitness training tips for passing your PRMC – Potential Royal Marines Course

  1. Matt Russell says:

    Had a good neck workout watching this

  2. Aaron Kemp says:

    Camera man needs some training tips 

  3. Kieran R says:

    Good job man. I’m not here to be spoon fed but cheers for the advice

  4. Ryan Jennings says:

    Thanks for the tips. I am currently at the whole planning my pre-PRMC and
    RMC training. Need to get stronger and faster and need to improve my CV as
    well. Going to do some push ups, sit ups and pull ups (Once I get a pull up
    bar) and start to do jogs/runs around my area on weekends. I would do more
    but Secondry School is getting in the way so, a bit limited. Then once I
    can I’m going to start swimming. Hopefully all this will prepare me for the
    training and challenges up ahead.

  5. eldiegodead says:

    found this soooo helpful, finaly a vid actually telling wht to do

  6. Kyle Heaney says:


  7. SirSubT says:

    what about aneroboic capacity? If im using the right term…

  8. TheMbuck101 says:

    Great video mate


    Very good video! I will give this a go.


    Have you gone for yours yet? If so have you passed?

  11. reece callow says:

    You said work on flexibility.. well, after watching this video I can now
    tilt my head 90 degrees with ease!! lol

  12. kieferdean says:

    mate its actually really good maybe plan the video and film it indoors but
    its great and is really helping me for my PRMC cheers

  13. Mikey Renwick says:

    yeah, could you please dock your camera mans pay?

  14. Aditya Lohiya says:

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    Formula”, but then I showed them the results. Google “Fat Blast Formula” to
    see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)

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