Gain A Competitive Advantage in the Fitness Industry with Personal Training Courses

Gain A Competitive Advantage in the Fitness Industry with Personal Training Courses

Personal training is a rapidly growing career that is estimated to grow by 27% through 2016. The independence to work to one’s own schedule and the satisfaction of guiding clients towards a healthy lifestyle is the reason behind the popularity of personal trainer courses. These courses are designed to train fitness professionals to create effective exercise programs for their clients.

The main purpose of personal training courses is to build a solid foundation of skills and physical fitness necessary to become a personal trainer. Personal trainer courses teach a candidate how to apply his knowledge of human anatomy, exercise science and muscular strength and endurance in order to achieve one’s fitness goals. With the knowledge gained from such courses, a person can design fitness programs tailored to the needs of an individual or a group. There are also Pilates courses in which one can learn about the advanced systems of the body in addition to pilates courses and their variations. If you want to design mat Pilates classes, Pilates teacher training can be the best for you.

Various institutes provide personal training courses in the UK. Make sure that Skills Active, the sector skills council for fitness, has certified the training provider that you are going to train with. A reputable personal training certification course will require its candidates to have a high school degree or equivalent, earned certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), etc. The personal trainer exam includes a written component, and many a times, depending on the training provider, may include practical component. In the written test, candidates are tested on human anatomy and physiology, the assessment of a client’s level of fitness and his understanding of how to help his client with the designed exercise program. The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) has set a standardized exam for all personal trainers that requires at least 500 hours of practical training as a trainer in a fitness studio.

A personal training certification is valid for two years and you have to re-register with REPS in order to continue your career as a personal trainer. Although it is not necessary to have certification to become a personal trainer, but personal trainer courses open the door to better opportunities and give you an edge in the personal training industry.

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