Hi Lo Impact Online Group Fitness Class

This is an Online Group Fitness Class consisting of 5 parts: Warm-up: 1:00 Segment 1: 6:20 Segment 2: 11:36 Segment 3: 16:38 Cooldown: 20:56 Visit us today @…

8 Responses to Hi Lo Impact Online Group Fitness Class

  1. Taylor Clites says:

    This is hard

  2. boob75000 says:

    so bad o_O

  3. x says:

    great workout, perfect if you are used to aerobic basic steps, love the
    fact that it can be low or high impact, wokr at your own pace or speed it
    up , great instructor.

  4. gunzereesi says:

    I loved this one

  5. rod scott says:

    Is this a new instructor? Transitioning was odd at times and seem to take a
    while to breakdown the moves. 20 minutes was hard to stick to

  6. misskixxel says:

    Excellent i like so much this routine also i did it with cufflinks and that
    give best results thanks and my best wishes from México!

  7. Shanhtterelle says:

    Reaaally enjoyed doing this workout 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  8. UTBandTSC CampusRec says:

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