Latin Dance Fitness Class 3

Here is 8 happy songs with high energy! Facebook: Here are the songs: Quitate el Top – Tapo & Raya (2:nd warm up) Ma…
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  1. Linda Edler says:

    Thank you for all your support!! If you want to see pictures from my life
    and family here in Sweden you can follow me on instagram:@lyckselelinda

  2. Linda Edler says:

    Hi guys!! Thank you for all your sweet sweet comments!! Follow me on

  3. Linda Edler says:

    Hi guys! Thank you everyone for your lovely comments:) .. And Happy New

  4. Linda Edler says:

    Thank you all! I Always read all your comments:)
    Do u miss that beginners 2 video? Check out my facebook page:

  5. Danny's Workout says:

    Nice class Linda, different in style to my classes, but I really like it

  6. Linda Edler says:

    Merry Christmas to you all!! I have two christmas routines for you on my
    facebook page: ZUMBA Linda Edler 

  7. Brandy Lay says:

    I was looking for an easy-to-follow, GREAT Zumba workout, and I found it
    with you! THANK YOU! I am dripping sweat and had so much fun. (And even
    felt elegant during the cool down.) Keep the Zumba coming! :o)

  8. Sara Cooper says:

    Hi Linda, I’m really enjoying dancing along to your video when I’m out of
    town or caring for my mother, or otherwise can’t make my Zumba class at the
    gym. You are keeping me sane and in shape! Thanks much.

  9. bklynshorti125 says:

    I danced along with this and thought I was going to pass out! Thanks for
    the great workout!!!

  10. Cristiane Maciel says:

    Hello Linda!
    What´s the name of first song?
    I loved it! Thanks

  11. Marli do Nascimento says:

    Linda, I love this video. I told all my girlfriends to do this video. I
    don’t use Instagram but do you have Facebook??

  12. Linda Edler says:

    Oh my….it’s been a few weeks since last time I checked my youtube
    account…Took me almost 1 hour to read all your lovely comments!! Many
    thanks everyone:) You can also contact me on my facebook page ZUMBA Linda

  13. Joyce Trindade says:

    Thanks for the class!! I like it a lot. I am from Brazil and I liked to
    listen to that brazilian song. :)

  14. Sandra LONDOÑO says:

    hola que delicia de bailes me divertí mucho gracias espero puedas entender
    lo que escribi

  15. Elizabeth Hernandez says:

    I recommend this work out

  16. Jocelyn Ra says:

    You can tell she loves dancing she smiled through the ENTIRE video lol :-).
    I love it too though and great vid lol :-D

  17. Marica Vidakovic says:

    where are these lessons taking place?

  18. Samantha Fernandez says:

    I had to miss the gym this morning because rain made the roads and traffic
    too hectic so I turned my car around to head back home. Felt bad to miss my
    work out, especially since I just started back again trying to lose the
    inches from my heavy school program. I found this video and LOVE it! Very
    easy to follow and fun. I love all the different shapes and sizes of the
    members of the class and the instructor is obviously having fun and not at
    all intimidating. Awesome music. I worked up a good sweat. Great video to
    follow at home!

  19. Karen Fichtel says:

    You are awesome!!

  20. Pri Bansal says:

    You have amazing energy levels.. I love all your videos.. keep goin !!!

  21. Lisa F says:

    Great Zumba workout! Great Clarity and I really like the instructor! 

  22. Miriam Perez says:

    me gustas tus calse desde venzuela como se llama esa cancion saludos

  23. Terrie Henderson says:

    I worked out as hard in 30 minutes as I do in my usual 1 hour Zumba

  24. Jo C says:

    Tonight’s activity zumba.
    Location the livingroom.
    Instruction shake it! No BACON!

    Latin Dance Fitness Class 3:

  25. cristina cri says:

    this is so great !!! it`s easy and funny , the best dance video on internet

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