Location Matter With Outdoor Fitness Training

Location Matter With Outdoor Fitness Training

There is so much buzz about getting outside to train now for the fresh air, the extra sun, water views, training variety and so on. When most people head outside to do some personal training or outdoor group training they are often going off a recommendation from a friend or making a decision based on price and availability. Have you stopped to consider how good the Outdoor Training location is?

Having a good outdoor fitness training location is paramount and should be a major consideration. Most businesses want more business and hence pick a spot that is very prominent, close to pedestrian or vehicle traffic. They want maximum exposure as most outdoor businesses do not have a physical shop front. If they do this they may be sacrificing training conditions such as lighting, training surfaces, toilet facilities, drinking taps, wet weather options, shade and protection from the elements.

A good training location should have the following:

• Good lighting for day and night • Hard and soft surfaces • All weather training areas for summer and winter • An indoor wet weather venue for if it is storming • An undercover area if there are light showers • Enough space for static training, circuits, games etc • Fresh air, away from traffic • Client safety (dogs stalkers, traffic) • Good distance from housing • Toilets • Drink Tap • Car parking • Hills or stairs close by • Logs and steps • Benches • Brick walls • Chin-up or monkey bars • Soft sand • Close to running tracks • A pool or water body of sorts

Imagine the difference it can make to your safety, training results and comfort if your trainer has all of this going for him instead of being on a tiny strip of grass that is uneven, sloping, poorly lit and in full public view. In the Manly area there are many trainers on the beach front grass strip that miss some really important criteria, in hope of picking up some new business.

Your total training experience is a vital link to successful goals. If you can’t train due to weather or cancellations then you aren’t consistently moving forward to achieving your goals. If you aren’t achieving your goals quick enough or seeing significant progress then frustration will set in. It has been my experience that if someone doesn’t start to feel the benefits of an improvement in their health and fitness prior to reaching their frustration point or some other significant distraction that they lose sight of their goals, believe that they can’t do it or simply go back to enjoying comforts.

If you have a training location with all the good elements in the list as well as an Outdoor Trainer, great training variety, and supportive friends then you are going to have a great time. Some nice to haves are things like a local cafe close by that you can go to with friends for breakfast afterward. It is good for the outdoor fitness training business to have strong links with local businesses, schools, and charity organizations so that there is member growth that will eventuate in great class variety and energy in the group. Start today at

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