Muhammad Ali Boxing Fitness Trainer course

Muhammad Ali Boxing Fitness Trainer course

Short video demonstrating some of the skills on the Muhammad Ali Boxing Fitness Trainer course.
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Why the army needs an assault course… This assault course in located in the Defence Forces Training Centre in the Curragh.

4 Responses to Muhammad Ali Boxing Fitness Trainer course

  1. monkeyman80100 says:

    i served 5 years in the irish army before moving on in a different career
    path, i served with some good lads,but when i left in 2003,theyre were a
    good few privates that were not long out of training that could not pass
    their annual fitness test,these lads were aged 18 – 24, some were
    over-weight and heavy smokers, i hope the irish army have improved this cos
    we need a fit looking army that gives ireland as a whole a good image when
    serving overseas.

  2. warhoundtitan says:

    Where is that training Facility?

  3. Kris Foster says:

    @ihateuubut That would be a good idea for sure. I think they could use alot
    of the agility that comes with it. Might be a little different in the boots
    with a 40 pound ruk sack on their backs tho. Haha.

  4. Goldenrod636 says:

    Is it the assault course that has the mud?

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