Personal Training Exercise Programs for Fitness and Osteoporosis

Personal Training Exercise Programs for Fitness and Osteoporosis Not all exercises you see in a fitness magazine or in a fitness class will be safe for you. Function to Fitness is a Physio…

Built by Science - Anatomy, Biomechanics, & 6 Week Training Program - Back -

Check out the full plan here: To more effectively and efficiently train your back, learn how your muscles, bones, and joints work tog…
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26 Responses to Personal Training Exercise Programs for Fitness and Osteoporosis

  1. Yasir Zahid says:

    physical therapy is really imp….

  2. Jayquan Phifer says:

    Is that guys body natural?

  3. talash k says:

    i followed their routines religiously for years without any desired

  4. MyOldPiano1 says:

    +kuyakim kim
    *Yeah kim! my dad although he’s older now was*
    *like Bruce lee’s physique. That site offered*
    *a lot of muscle secrets as well as nutrition*
    *foods that is best fit for your body.*

  5. Ruben Matamoros says:

    Awesome. Love studying things, down to the science.

  6. DoU EvenLift says:

    6:30 that’s not shoulder extension broski thats adduction

  7. Ale GevaciO says:

    I love it awesome 

  8. Deez Nuts says:

    I feel like i wont be able to ever reach my full potential because i’ve
    dislocated my shoulder twice 🙁 ive done shoulder rehab excercises for yrs
    but it just feels permanantly weak

  9. Phaneron says:

    Built Broscience*

  10. CrazyIvan1988 says:

    Does this guy even lift?

  11. francoofme says:

    Kinda refreshing after years in gym, finally getting to know the science
    and anatomy about it. Thumps up! 

  12. Jose Denter says:

    Scientific research demonstrate that you’ll be able to improve your muscles
    building process 2x-3x more quickly; by just modify your nutrition plan.
    Because time you spend for the workout room is only 3% of all your time.

  13. N.I.A.K YAWUE says:

    awesome info, just found my new gym buddie on my phone LOL!!

  14. SG 2011 says:


  15. Joseph Dyer says:

    That guy’s trousers are up around his neck. Still enjoyed the video

  16. John W says:

    Craig is a monster

  17. johhny mcwangy says:

    “distinguish them from other competitors and themselves”? what does that

  18. Ryan B says:

    I wonder what that guys stack is

  19. domenico mason says:

    But they do say if u want bigger arms got do pull ups bro what ever i ben
    doing pull ups for few month!! Maby thats why i finally have latts lol but
    been doing heavy ass barbell rows?

  20. Odessa W. McCarroll says:

    Everybody is able to develop more than 10 lbs muscles in 60 days and get

  21. Roland Augustus Garros says:

    Skittles at work here?

  22. L. J. Howell says:

    very helpful.

  23. GamerModder138 says:

    Hey guys, im making a trainingprogram for 5 days a week. 2-3 hours a day:)
    It will only cost you 30USD and you will also get tips and tricks on how to
    gain weight fast and how to lose weight. I got two type of training
    programs. Bodybuilding and for Weightloss Reply if you want to get a
    message when its out:)

  24. RockstahRolln says:

    This is EXCELLENT!! Exactly what I was looking for! Certainly going to view
    the rest :)

  25. jack jensen says:

    jesus, this is like a wet dream for anatomy artist. 

  26. LocalBoyFerb says:

    my traps are bigger than his. 

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