Physical Fitness Programs: U.S. Army Basic and Advanced Individual Training (1967) United States Army Basic Training (also known as Initial Entry Training or IET) is the program of physical and mental training req…

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26 Responses to Physical Fitness Programs: U.S. Army Basic and Advanced Individual Training (1967)

  1. inizhay says:

    I love the dramatic music lol

  2. Ana A says:

    @darkshines114 Yes they were. Ever since Jule 1948.

  3. Дима Шиняев says:


  4. carcrazylt1 says:

    “to get in good physical condition you have to exercise” gotcha good to
    know 😛

  5. Ana A says:

    This is great (except for the fact the narrator always says “he”)

  6. omtg says:

    The army asumes from day one that you know absolutly nothing…. about

  7. Lidka Kwiatkowska says:

    It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when these people
    accomplish it easily using H6x Muscle Monster (check it out on Google).

  8. Philobeddoe12 says:

    This film was made the year (1967) that I did my basic and advanced
    individual training at Fort Dix, New Jersey.

  9. Mulatto Mann says:

    Suck a dick buddy.

  10. Lurch Airsoft says:

    Screw you too buddy

  11. dzinefull says:

    croatian translation is fucked too

  12. nativenight77 says:

    go army

  13. troy gurning says:

    i like this vidieo

  14. trustABLACKNINJA says:


  15. Punisherfan123 says:

    @haidar99999 And are still in better shape than you.

  16. Irina Gaidoukevitch says:

    best fitness!!!thanks!!

  17. Chức Nguyễn Tiến says:

    It is very good

  18. IndiaSergeant says:

    Okay….almost every exercise they show here is bad for you. Don’t try this
    at home.

  19. Rudra Amin says:


  20. darkshines114 says:

    @MsGrindFreak At the time of the making of this video I don’t think women
    were even allowed to enlist in the military.

  21. lax bruh says:

    Theres no recoil on that m14 at 3:13 lol

  22. shani munna says:

    Have you tried “Ripped X Beast?” (do a Google search for it) It is a quick
    way to get ripped fast.

  23. vuoto più scuro says:

    really pfunnei 2 C ..

  24. montgomify says:

    like little boy pathfinder games with drama music and after all vietnam
    trauma where old men send young men into hell …`s like watch we do
    important things mommy……allways it was that old honoured men send young
    men into war to die, while they are going green with envy about the loss of
    their own youth……

  25. YT56DG says:

    4:25, turn the audio transcription on and read what it says 😀 “no matter
    what his job a soldier can do it better if he’s dead” haha

  26. Clint Fuqua says:

    Fitness accessories and gadgets are a fun way to waste money… make sure
    you are investing wisely so you can stay in the groove… #Fitness
    #Accessories #Invest

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