Pilates Class 1, Renee’s 30 Minute class, eFit30!

Renee from Renz Pilates takes you through a NEW 30 minute Pilates routine. Please support Renee by visiting Renee’s website at http://renzpilates.com/ There …
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25 Responses to Pilates Class 1, Renee’s 30 Minute class, eFit30!

  1. Dallas Dwayne says:

    I love these workouts! I’ve been doing these routines for a while but i
    just moved into a group house and tonight i got the guys to do this one
    with me. It was a lot of fun having other people to do it with. I hope You
    don’t mind me sharing this with others!

  2. eFit30 says:

    I couldn’t reply to Amber Smith – Howell below “linked comment”, however.
    Yes You still should do light cardio for a few minutes. This brings your
    heart rate down at a slow and steady pace, which helps you avoid feeling
    sick after a workout. Walking on a treadmill or on the spot for five
    minutes is a good and easy way to cool down or use our video

    More here on our website;

  3. Kary J. says:

    Nice and gentle very good after leg day!

  4. Annelee Delyza says:

    Really nice workout! just challenging enough for me! <3

  5. mandana ashrafi says:

    I really appreciate it.
    thank you 

  6. eFit30 says:

    To Nicola below, i couldn’t reply directly to your comment below. Yes
    Pilates will help you, have a look at this paper on it

  7. eFit30 says:

    Re your question Nguyen Diep 2-3 pounds try this program

  8. darioshanghai says:

    Fantastic routine! I can feel it but it’s not too taxing, and it reaches
    muscles other routines don’t. Thank you!

  9. Renee Manning says:

    Second time doing this… I love the way I feel afterwards…Thank you for
    helping get moving again. Please share where I can buy a think mat like

  10. Mabellene Figueroa says:

    One of the best 30 min Pilates I’ve ever done, learned new techniques.
    Thank you so much

  11. Kym Duncan says:


  12. Sachan says:

    Do you have any recommended flexibility videos? Or will this routine just
    help with flexibility in general? (My flexibility is terrible….)

  13. Katharina says:

    Wow, that was very enjoyable. A wee bit too fast for me, I prefer a slower
    pace with more repetitions to stay connected to myself, but I found the
    exercises very interesting, so will definitely come back to this video –
    it’s in my favourites already. Thanks very much for creating and sharing
    this class! 

  14. Ulrike Kinzer says:


  15. Catia Vasconcelos says:

    Really enjoyed your 30 min workout and the nice flow you do it. Good
    adition to my weekly pilates class. Thanks a lot!

  16. Renee Manning says:

    Where do you buy a cushioned mat?

  17. Ginger Neuendorff says:

    Rennee ,you are excellent . Very well done video .Thanks!

  18. Monique McCain says:

    Great. But you talk to much. 

  19. Garasi Lil Island says:

    Nice and gentle very good after leg day!

  20. Maggie Cabrera says:

    Let’s do this…..

  21. saysea blue says:

    I have Fibromyalgia and this is workout is perfect for me. Thank you!

  22. lena tricolor says:

    Que maravilha e que jovem mais elegante!

  23. Amber SH says:

    Is it necessary for me to do a warm up an cool down before and after this?
    Thanks x

  24. Nicola Moh says:

    if got scoliosis problem , can learn this pilates exercise ? 

  25. Josephine Dino says:

    Thank you for a healthy 30 minutes of my life!
    Have come to the realization that my body has been very weak the past few
    winter months.

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