Soccer Fitness app now available for Android and IPhone

Soccer Fitness app now available for Android and IPhone
While there are a plethora of fitness apps currently available, Soccer Fitness Gols is unique in that it is based on the science-based training programs that Bucciarelli has been delivering to competitive youth soccer players and high level …
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What's Hot and What's Not in Fitness
High-intensity interval training has gained in popularity over the past several years, partly because it's been re-packaged by some fitness products and programs. It's defined as short bouts of intense exercise followed by a minimal period of rest. I …
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5 fitness companies that can outfit your home gym
It comes with 17 preset bike workouts that include weight management, healthy living and home training programs. The system helps you track your health progress, allowing you to upload your data via a USB to the LifeSpan Club — a free membership that …
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