Stress Course-Tactical Pistol Training

Trident Fitness LLC, Tactical Pistol Course in NJ with Rich Graham. Clips from the stress course the students preformed at the end of the day. Shooting under…
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  1. phila119 says:

    is this just for LE

  2. Jarhead6 says:

    I love it, this is Training! 

  3. Lajos Zsolt Földesi says:

    Nézd meg ezt a videót a YouTube-on:

  4. John Miller says:
  5. vonhelmet says:

    Funny you mention that. We actually do use fireworks and other devices to
    create stress for our shooters. I does work really well.

  6. diego20586 says:

    Ok, now this video/training I like….maybe through in some firecrackers,
    to simulate gun fire, as they are moving or about to discharge their
    weapon, that would just make it FUCKING crazy. Yes/No?

  7. Paulsfullofshit says:

    It honestly looks like good training. Keep it up guys.

  8. MrPONCHO467 says:

    is this type of training offered to the public

  9. skeeta006 says:


  10. vonhelmet says:

    Its hard to tell by the video, but there is actually a gap of about 10
    yards to the back wall, and a dirt mound that goes up most of it for the
    backstop. The brick wall in the back that is exposed is about 10 ft and

  11. MarkyMarkDenver says:

    Well shit.. I never have seen this type of unique training before.. Are you
    coming to Colorado any time soon for classes??? I vowed never to pay for
    training and try to get as much of for free, but I would definitely open up
    my wallet for one of your classes.. I think you are better than Costas,
    Haley, Yeager, Vickers, etc, I could go on…

  12. vonhelmet says:

    @chodykumbra Thanks! I will keep you posted on up and coming courses.

  13. MegaLrrp says:

    is it wrong that this gives me a boner

  14. Victor Amador says:

    the people involved seem to not be able to aim a great deal, this leads
    into instinctive point and shooting or flash sighting. Why not train like
    this instead? or make the target area a little larger? Maybe waste some
    more ammo? Include foresight of where your other body parts are; not
    peeking out of the side of your cover. Static movement through out the
    course. I don’t know if you guys do this or not or a reason that you don’t?
    Again, a friendly critique not a bash.

  15. GODmadeGLOCK says:

    This looks like an awesome course of fire to practice! Dynamic shooting at
    its best!

  16. vonhelmet says:

    @GODmadeGLOCK Thanks you Sir!

  17. YZFoFittie says:

    Having a flat brick wall as a back stop isnt too smart. Hope this range
    requires frangibles! Judging by the pock marks I doubt it though…

  18. Victor Amador says:

    A comment with no disrespect or Youtube drama attached: I have to start
    with the fact that I’ve never been in a firefight and am relatively new to
    guns. I really like the way you guys execute your stress training, making
    the adrenaline run and the heart pump really fits what happens to us in a
    high stress situation.The great marksmanship is great because who doesn’t
    want to shoot and hit a ladybug that looks at us the wrong way…but most
    of all the shootings that I’ve watched occur…ever…

  19. vonhelmet says:

    thanks man. they are all great instructors as well and we each come from a
    different angle with a different style and thought process. If you like
    what you see we would love to have you out to one of our courses. PM and we
    can speak about it in further detail.

  20. voodazz says:

    Looks like a birthday party gone horribly wrong. But seriously, that looks
    like great training.

  21. vonhelmet says:

    I dont have a formal list bc most of these kind of drills cant be done at
    typical ranges and if i wrote the names of the drills down no one would
    know what the hell i was talking about. So at each course we give the
    students some things to work on and explain the thought process behind the

  22. 43wolverine says:

    God i wouldnt want them guys drawing down me. Baddest men on the planet.
    Thanks to all armed forces for what you do. Yall ROCK!!!!

  23. vonhelmet says:

    Victor those are all valid points that I do agree with. If u watch other
    videos that I have posted I do teach instinctive shooting, using right/left
    hand depending on which side of a barrackade you shoot from, using dead
    space, ect. Different courses focus on different skills. The stress course
    is what we finish the day with, and honestly is more interesting to watch.
    If u keep an eye on my page I think u will agree with some of the teaching
    I put out. Thanks for ur constructive critisism.

  24. Dane Laker says:

    I don’t really know if these guys are police, or just wearing rentals for
    safety, but my opinion, only thing i can relly comment by watching this is
    these guys can respond to low level threat . eg armed robbery (and thats
    pushing it). To slow, to slow on draw and fire. Its good that they
    practice, but needing instructions while doing the course shouts green.

  25. A man named Phil says:

    i love how the swat training instructers arent drill seargents like in the
    army. having trainers like this guy would make training actually pretty fun
    with the shooting and everything.

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