Tactical Pistol Course

Rich Graham of Trident Fitness LLC teaches a Tactical Pistol Course to the men of Florence, SC. Learn how to move shoot, use both hands, change levels, uses angles, fighting thought process,…
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  1. Da Spud says:

    Dude with no shirt and body armor on, lol… Thought it was a spoof video
    until I realized they were serious, lol… The instructor has a beard, must
    be hardcore, lol… I like how all of the sudden beards are cool and
    tactical because we fought a war in the middle east… I have yet to see a
    Vietnam vet with Asian eyes because it was the norm over there, lol…

  2. Da Spud says:

    Looks like these dudes tore down some rednecks trailer and used the
    leftovers and property to build a training range, lfmao…

  3. Cactus Tactical says:

    #tacticalpistol #video #youtube 

  4. KingFish says:

    Two words, Don Shipley. I’ve never met a team guy act like this

  5. Ryan Ferguson says:

    I am new to shooting, i watched a minute of this video and realized these
    are HORRIBLE tactics. There is no where on earth that this is accurate! YES
    you can get in front of a Professional shooter and get killed! for so many
    reasons, DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE GUYS!!!!! Basic gun safety will tell you
    they are full of SHIT! Even advanced Tactics training, shows they are full
    of it!!! Spend $1 of your budget, and $2 worth of time, to see these guys
    WILL get you killed.

  6. TNTBlaster says:

    “If they are former seals, why do they need to train” Well, friend.
    Shooting is a perishable skill. You don’t use it, yea lose it. Gotta train!

  7. teodors 36 says:

    Hi vonhelmet gréât éducation veri hard and. danger for training but I can
    tray this with my frend s
    Thanks for gréât vidéo and éducation 

  8. Lisa Eaves says:

    Tactical Pistol Course: http://youtu.be/EcUMA1iqR30


    Your Course is very nice. Come to Brazil ! :)

  10. Jef de Pijper says:


  11. Super-Tactical.com says:

    oh sweet baby jesus

  12. cyberdaemon says:

    Looks awesome! I want training like that! 

  13. Marv White says:

    Rich, this is one of the videos that first drew me into your channel.

  14. Jorn Soer says:

    good course, shows the right way to move with a gun, not the “shooting
    club” stance that many people use which leaves you unbalanced and
    vulnerable to counter attack.

  15. Lucious Green says:

    Marine Vet and Impressed
    I’m trying to head overseas with one of the private security companies any

  16. christopher hoover says:

    excellent idea on the anti flagging of “not getting in front of my gun”
    learned a few tricks an tips.

  17. vonhelmet says:

    LOL, yes i do train “black man” i have a course schedule on my website, and
    who ever is legally allowed to own and operate a gun is welcome to attend.

  18. Joe tacus says:

    This is awesome

  19. jamadh says:

    this look soo freakin fun!!

  20. Chuck Walsh says:

    That was outstanding. I’d love some training like that. What

  21. asfand babo says:


  22. ThermalSh0ck says:

    @Rodrizona i bet you we’re hitting the crack pipe. “gangsters” LOL DON’T
    KILL ME WITH LAUGHTER LOL what they gonna do. pull out a gun and hold it
    sideways. i hung around real gangsters, those kind that will murder you and
    trust me. 90 % couldn’t shoot..I’m sure the guys in the video are not one
    bit worried

  23. mikeuofc says:

    What pistol are you using?

  24. looseballs1966 says:

    It just so happens that I live in Idaho, and do alot of camping and
    hunting, and if you are worried about wild animals of the non-human type
    then a pistol is not what you want anyhow, I personally carry a Reminton
    870 12ga. riot type outfitted, loaded with slugs and buckshot, I do this
    because I frequent areas where there are Grizzly,black bear, and wolves,
    handguns are either lacking the power needed to quickly stop these guys or
    are just to unwieldly I.E. 500 smith not to mention spendy.

  25. monterey34 says:

    Was he breakdancing while shooting?

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