Work Out Programs Guide To Better Fitness

Work Out Programs Guide To Better Fitness

Are you looking for the best work out programs? With the abundance of information out there it is difficult to decide what is best. Here is some free sound advice of the best work out programs that can help you achieve success faster.

Work out programs provide structure towards a solid goal. Having a clear goal will give you the momentum or passion to remain committed to your workout.

Work out Programs Structure

When designing a proper workout program it is important to consider 4 fundamental aspects.

• Diet

• Rest

• Duration

• Types of Exercise


Have you heard the expression that abs are made in the kitchen? Well, let me tell you that this saying is absolutely true. Having the best exercise routine without a proper diet is not going to get you anyway fast. If this is you then I suggest you look into a balanced meal diet that promotes fat loss.

Hint: Men need 12% body fat index to get abs and women need to have 16% for abs to really start showing.


Rest period before and after exercise is important to proper muscle generation. 48 hours is the minimum. I would suggest this for a rest period because scientifically the body doesn’t recover completely after a 48-72 hour period. Anything less than this you would be burning yourself out.


If you were like me and like to spend half my afternoon in the gym then I should tell you to STOP!! It is advised that 1 hour in the gym is suffice before you start to tire and lose focus. More than this is the fact that your body doesn’t perform at its peak after this duration. Interestingly modern research shows that the shorter more intense workouts are a lot more productive and effective.

Lesson: Keep your exercises intense and short within the 1 hour gap.

Types of Exercises

There are fundamentally 3 types of exercise that are productive when it comes to losing weight. It would be in your best interest that your incorporate them into your work out programs.

These are

• HITS (high intensity interval training)

• Turbulence Training

• Full body Workouts

All of these compliment each other because they are exercises that burn the most fat. These could also substitute the traditional cardio. Overall these are the toughest but most rewarding exercise.

Good luck with your training and Cheers to your Success!!

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